Yoga Stretching Exercises

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Yoga Stretching Exercises

No one is nearly as relaxed as we would like to be. Relaxation is not something that is unattainable. When it comes to our bodies, our stress levels and our ability to enjoy life, there are a number of different things that we can do to take control. Yoga stretching exercises are one of the greatest tools we can use to help us lower our stress level so that we are able to calm down. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe use Yoga stretching exercises for one reason or another. It does not matter whether you are using it as a way to focus and direct your spiritual energy or to simply get yourself grounded before you start your day.

Yoga stretching exercises are low-impact ways to make sure that your whole body is awakened. You will go through a gentle series of prescribed moves that you will perfect and refine every day. In Yoga, there is no competition. The only person whose progress you are supposed to be watching is your own. You will find that with a little bit of work, you will be able to get your morning started with just a few simple moves. One of the best parts about Yoga is that it is infinitely variable. You can perform it as a series of slow, segmented movements, or you can speed it up and keep it consistent in order to get your heart rate up and keep it up. [Read more...]

The Benefits of Yoga

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Each yoga class will also include information about the Yoga of Wisdom (Jnana Yoga pronounced “gee-anna”), and the Yoga of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga). It is most effective if yoga students and practitioners take at least a few yoga classes per week or have a daily practice at home.

There are many more forms of yoga than mentioned here and there will always be a type suitable for each individuals needs. They say that all forms of yoga help with your natural spirit and combining different forms of yoga for your personal needs is the best way to practice.

Blood pressure will also be affected by practicing Yoga. Yoga will make your blood pressure more stable, it could decrease your blood pressure if it is high. Cleansing your internal organs: Yoga could help you cleaning various vermin that reside in your organs. For example, it will help your body to process the food you eat more effectively.

There are multiple branches of yoga. In Raja yoga the focus is on meditation. Karma yoga states that what we experience today is a result of past actions. Bhakti yoga is focused on channeling emotions in a positive manner. The various branches of yoga offer something for every taste and style.

The balance between mind, body and soul is established by yoga. Yoga was developed thousands of years ago by yogis. There are thousands of yoga asanas (exercises) and each has its own significance. Yoga can be done in the morning or in the evening. A trained instructor is required to teach the person. There are various breathing exercises, which help in relaxing the whole body. There are many standing exercises, deep breathing exercises and exercises, which are done sitting and lying flat.

The physiological benefits of yoga include the enhancement of all major functional systems of the body such as nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and excretory system. It will help to improve the co-ordination and balance the body. The biochemical benefits of yoga such as decrease of LDL cholesterol, glucose and catecholamine will help to prevent all the major fatal diseases and triggers the resilience of the body. Moreover yoga balances the weight of the person without losing its strength through the different stretching asanas. [Read more...]

Yoga Marketing – How to find Niche within Yoga – Part 1

Running a yoga studio requires taking into consideration several important aspects. Yoga marketing consists of series of steps. Whether you run a yoga studio or teaching one to one classes you must first discover your niche within yoga.

Keep in mind your target audience in your yoga business. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • What kind of people am I trying to attract with my business?
  • What sex and age group am I catering to?
  • Are there a certain group of people who would most likely seek my services?
  • Which population in my business area would benefit most from my type of yoga expertise?

Your marketing plan for yoga business would be hugely based on the crowd you are catering to. Whether you are selling your expertise of yoga online or locally within your area, as your potential customers will determine the direction you have to take to succeed. By constantly catering to the needs of your clients, you gain stability and persevere in your niche. [Read more...]

Yoga As a Golf Fitness Program

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Yoga As a Golf Fitness Program

By Ana J Lewis

Yoga has some standard exercises or poses, which will help the senior golfer in regaining his or her flexibility. The good news is "you are never too old" to start these exercises. As in most exercise you have not done in a while, it is always best to start slow. Yoga includes not only the poses and the movements, but also proper breathing while performing these movements is an important aspect.

It is recommended the exercises are to be practiced four days a week and in the evening just before bed. It is said by stretching before sleep will help with muscles altering and faster results. One of the aspects of yoga is it appears to very easy on the outside, but it is very active on the inside. Correct posture is important on or off the golf course. It can be a huge challenge to senior golfers.

There is a simple exercise, which should be practiced in front of a mirror.

- Stand as straight as you can and suck in your stomach so your navel is pulled in the direction of your back.

- Tuck your tailbone under and raise your ribcage up.

- Roll your shoulders back and stretch out the neck for as long as possible.

- Then you will breathe deeply for five to 10 breathes.

- Relax and do this 5 to 10 times.

By practicing this exercise everyday, you will soon see results on and off the course. [Read more...]

Yoga Creates A Balance Between The Body, Mind And Soul

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Yoga is an ancient science that aims to create a balance between the body, mind and soul, thereby curing physical mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. In common language, yoga means union; it's a union of the individual consciousness with the super-consciousness. To be exact, yoga aims at reminding the individual of this union that already exists and has merely been forgotten. To put it simply, yoga is experiencing and knowing what already exists, not inventing anything new.

At the physical level, yoga can create a balance and harmony among the various organs and systems of the body, allowing the healing powers inherent in the body to work and cure physical ailments. At the mental level, yoga is the harmony between mind, heart and hands or between thought, speech and action. At the spiritual level, yoga aims to destroy the individual ego that stands between the individual and the cosmos, thus attaining to the ultimate truth.

Yoga is basically a set of systematically devised physical exercises that lay emphasis on balance and posture. Combined with breathing exercises they have the capacity to cure almost any ailment of the body and mind. The underlying concept of yoga is to create the situation in which the human body can function at its optimum capacity. [Read more...]

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