Tenets Of Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Video Tree Pose - Vrksasana
Image by myyogaonline via Flickr

In the ancient India, philosophy has been traditionally divided into two main groups. These groups are called as the orthodox group and heretic group. The orthodox group believes in the authority of Vedas in all the philosophical matters. These orthodox systems are six in all. One of the most popular systems of philosophy is yoga.

It shares the following common beliefs with the other orthodox systems:

1) Belief in the permanent soul, which forms the basis of life.

2) Soul is supposed to discard one body at the time of death and enter a new one at the time of new birth.

3) A strong belief in the karma, which states that the events happening in a person’s life are a direct results of the events in his previous life or lives (if the person has been born many times).

4) A belief that the life of an individual is primarily of misery and sorrow.

5) A belief in the state of complete freedom from misery and sorrow called mukti or moksha. [Read more...]

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