Yoga As a Golf Fitness Program

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Yoga As a Golf Fitness Program

By Ana J Lewis

Yoga has some standard exercises or poses, which will help the senior golfer in regaining his or her flexibility. The good news is "you are never too old" to start these exercises. As in most exercise you have not done in a while, it is always best to start slow. Yoga includes not only the poses and the movements, but also proper breathing while performing these movements is an important aspect.

It is recommended the exercises are to be practiced four days a week and in the evening just before bed. It is said by stretching before sleep will help with muscles altering and faster results. One of the aspects of yoga is it appears to very easy on the outside, but it is very active on the inside. Correct posture is important on or off the golf course. It can be a huge challenge to senior golfers.

There is a simple exercise, which should be practiced in front of a mirror.

- Stand as straight as you can and suck in your stomach so your navel is pulled in the direction of your back.

- Tuck your tailbone under and raise your ribcage up.

- Roll your shoulders back and stretch out the neck for as long as possible.

- Then you will breathe deeply for five to 10 breathes.

- Relax and do this 5 to 10 times.

By practicing this exercise everyday, you will soon see results on and off the course. [Read more...]

Yoga and Golf

Yoga and Golf

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