Miscellaneous Sivananda Yoga Poses

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Miscellaneous Sivananda Yoga Poses

Author: Foras Aje

Folks, we have been going over- in the last several articles in the Yoga Category-the Famed Sivananda style of yoga .

Thus far, here is a re-cap of what we have covered.

1. Sun Salutations.

2. Inversions: The Head and Shoulder Stand and Their Counter-Poses

3. The Forward Bends and Their Counter-Poses

4. The Backward Bends and Their Counter-Poses

5. The Balancing Exercises

and finally,

6. The Sitting & Standing Exercises.

However, there are other poses that I have not discussed and I will now touch briefly on them.

Miscellanous Yoga Poses: [Read more...]

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