The Benefits of Yoga

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Each yoga class will also include information about the Yoga of Wisdom (Jnana Yoga pronounced “gee-anna”), and the Yoga of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga). It is most effective if yoga students and practitioners take at least a few yoga classes per week or have a daily practice at home.

There are many more forms of yoga than mentioned here and there will always be a type suitable for each individuals needs. They say that all forms of yoga help with your natural spirit and combining different forms of yoga for your personal needs is the best way to practice.

Blood pressure will also be affected by practicing Yoga. Yoga will make your blood pressure more stable, it could decrease your blood pressure if it is high. Cleansing your internal organs: Yoga could help you cleaning various vermin that reside in your organs. For example, it will help your body to process the food you eat more effectively.

There are multiple branches of yoga. In Raja yoga the focus is on meditation. Karma yoga states that what we experience today is a result of past actions. Bhakti yoga is focused on channeling emotions in a positive manner. The various branches of yoga offer something for every taste and style.

The balance between mind, body and soul is established by yoga. Yoga was developed thousands of years ago by yogis. There are thousands of yoga asanas (exercises) and each has its own significance. Yoga can be done in the morning or in the evening. A trained instructor is required to teach the person. There are various breathing exercises, which help in relaxing the whole body. There are many standing exercises, deep breathing exercises and exercises, which are done sitting and lying flat.

The physiological benefits of yoga include the enhancement of all major functional systems of the body such as nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and excretory system. It will help to improve the co-ordination and balance the body. The biochemical benefits of yoga such as decrease of LDL cholesterol, glucose and catecholamine will help to prevent all the major fatal diseases and triggers the resilience of the body. Moreover yoga balances the weight of the person without losing its strength through the different stretching asanas. [Read more...]

Reaping Benefits From Viparita Karni Asana

Reaping Benefits From Viparita Karni Asana

Every yoga asana has been made with the intention of being useful to the different parts of your body. All the yoga asanas you would learn or must have heard about would be useful one way or the other. Viparita - would mean inverted, opposite karani would mean - in action, an act of doing. It is also known as the leg-up-the-wall-pose. Most of the yoga positions keeps your feet on ground but this position does the opposite, helping you ease up your muscles by the flow of blood from the leg to your head.

This inverted position leads to increase in blood flow to your upper body as well as to your brain which is very useful to maintain your blood pressure. The longer you be in this position it will be more beneficial to you. Your day long or week long fatigue would go away and gets you refreshed. It can be termed as one of the best medicines to revive you from the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. [Read more...]

Kapalabhati – A Breathing Exercise

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Kapalabhati is a very important asana and it should be part of your daily practice. This pose is also known as the Fire Breathing Pose, due to intake and outlet of air, with force. The exercise purifies your lungs and nasal passage. It is one of the powerful breathing exercises which help the entire body. It is one of a kind of the breathing exercises in Pranayama. Kapalabhati helps to make the motions of diaphragm very easy and controlled. This helps it to discard the muscle cramps present in bronchial tubes. Lot of force is used to do this asana. While exhaling the process is very strong and while inhaling it is done very calmly. It is a very energizing technique to re-boot all your muscles. It is a cleansing technique which emphasizes on cleaning your air passages and blockages in your chest. [Read more...]

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